Hosted the 2nd Broad and Erie Task Force

Amelia Price, Called To Serve Corridor Manager, honored by International Criminologist Greg Saville for her work.

“…one of  favorite people in 2015 – Amelia Price.”

Every now and then I recognize a stellar community development worker, organizer or thinker, what we affectionately call SafeGrowthers. In 2009 it was Sarah Buffie in Africa. In 2012 it was Andy Mackie and his harmonicas in Washington State.

At the close of 2015 there are so many to recognize that electing one leaves an unpalatable choice. It’s an embarrassment of riches!

But today I choose one from Philadelphia. Amelia Price emerged as a leader and role model worth signaling out for accolades.

Amelia is a commercial corridor manager and she was a member of the Philadelphia SafeGrowth training.

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