CTS' Price Honored; "We Were All Color-Blind"

When Called to Serve’s Corridor Manager Amelia Price took on the role, she was tasked with a few things. Primary among them was going through a training that helped her understand how to help the Broad and Germantown/Erie business grow and partner with them to be a part of preventing crime in the area. 

Going through CPTED training meant working hand-in-hand with two officers from the nearby district. And from the start, they embodied the immortal words of Dr. King and saw the content of each other’s character. Or as Ms. Price put it, “We were all color-blind. Although we all looked different, we never looked at skin; we look at each others’ heart. And I noticed right away that they also had a passion for their community.”

This is exactly why she was honored by SafeGrowth and its founder, renowned criminologist Gregory Saville. 

With so many community organizations doing important work, to have one of Called to Serve’s own acknowledged for their efforts is truly a blessing.

Her ability to connect and collaborate is undoubtedly when Mr. Saville singled her out “as a leader and role model.”

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