Glaziers Local 252 Supporting Commercial Corridor

By Roberto Rios Organizer Glaziers Local 252

Saturday, October 24, 2020

Shout out to all of the volunteers who helped today. Glaziers Local 252 and Architectural Glass & Metal Association are proud partners who formed the Small Business Relief Fund. Today we were able to help a small business on Venango Street: LaVanter Boutique, and others on Germantown Avenue: Digital One Wireless Center, Inc., Brother Shoes, Barry Electronic & Furniture and Top’s Beauty. We would also like to Thank Terry Webb of Eureka GlassGlass Enterprises Inc. and the following: Called to Serve, Philadelphia Police Department, Zion Church, and glaziers: Matt Domanick, Joe Reynolds, Bill Keebler, Jeff Tuffner, Gene Kennedy and Matt Micenec

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