The origins of Called to Serve (CTS) are deeply rooted in the story of Michael A. Major, Sr. Technology Business Analyst for a Leading Wall street Firm And Associate Minister at the historic Zion Baptist Church located in North Philadelphia. Born to parents who had a passion for education though neither completed high school, Michael greatly benefited  from  the ministry and programs of civil rights leader the late Rev. Dr. Leon Sullivan and the Zion Church.  


Called to Serve (CTS) is an emerging socioeconomic community development entity (CDE) dedicated to the complete renewal, restoration and revitalization of underserved neighborhoods in Philadelphia, Pennsylvania.

With a primary focus on the Tioga neighborhood of North Philadelphia, we envision a wholesome Philadelphia urban ecosystem with intact neighhoods, thriving businesses with access to capital, and reformed schools that produce academically competent students.


CTS mission is to serve as an anchor for community renewal, and to support endeavors that break intergenerational poverty, primarily in the Tioga neighborhood. we fulfill this mission by developing innovative solutions that strengthen and sustain Tioga in all its community manifestations. through partnership, energy and a collective vision, Called to serve CDC is prepared to work with and engage with all groups and individuals who share our mission and common vision for Tioga and the Philadelphia region.

Education then, beyond all other devices of human origin, is the great equalizer of the conditions of men (women), the balance-wheel of the social machinery

– Harace Mann


Called to Serve ( CTS) operates two care programs
-Education and Entrepreneurship
as a combined strategy aimed at:

  • Fostering great neighborhood schools where students can pursue rigorous academic and related programs that increase their chances of becoming thinkers,  innovators, and leaders who make a difference in collaborative global marketplace
  • creating living-wage jobs in local communities through through entrepreneurship and supporting neighborhood commercial corridors

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